The Foundation in the News

The Foundation for Financial Journalism, headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina, has been breaking news and drawing notice around the country.

Find out what these news outlets and broadcasts had to say about the organization, which was formerly known as the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation:

Real Vision, “The Wirecard Debacle: Shades of Enron and Worldcom,” featuring Roddy Boyd, June 26, 2020

PBS, “Opioids, Bribery and Wall Street: The Inside Story of a Disgraced Drugmaker,” June 18, 2020, with “Frontline” episode “Opiods, Inc.,” which premiered on June 23, 2020

“PBS NewsHour” video segment and transcript, “Drug company executives face prison time for role in opioid epidemic,” Jan. 24, 2020

ABC, “Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein” podcast series, Episode 4 “Friends in High Places,” Jan. 23, 2020, and Episode 5, “The Lady of the House,” Jan. 30, 2020

Real Vision, “Fraud, the Ever Present Story in Corporate Business” with Roddy Boyd, Sept. 27, 2019  

KSFR Sante Fe Public Radio’s “Here and There With Dave Marash,” with guest Roddy Boyd of the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation, “Insys Goes Down,” July 25, 2019

Stansberry Investor Hour, “How This One Man Non-Profit Took Down an $80 Billion Company,” July 18, 2018

Netflix’s “Dirty Money,” Season 1’s Episode 3, “Drug Short,” Jan. 26, 2018

Nieman Lab, “This former hedge fund guy is a one-man nonprofit investigating some of America’s shadiest companies,” Sept. 18, 2017

Inside Valeant’s Fall,”

Columbia Journalism Review, “The Shadowy War on the Press: How the Rich Silence Journalists,” June 16, 2016

Bloomberg Businessweek, “The Art of the Smear, The Journalist and the Troll: This Man Spent Two Years Trying to Destroy Me Online,” March 16, 2016, “9 Finance Journalists You Can Bank On,” March 8, 2016

Adweek’s Fishbowl, “Roddy Boyd Outlines the Beat of Corporate Malfeasance,” A fascinating interview with the brains behind non-profit journalism website Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation (SIRF),” Dec. 18, 2015

LinkedIn Pulse post by Fast Company contributor Katrina Booker, “This financial fraud reporter says he’s the last of his kind. Should the rest of us be worried?” Dec. 17, 2015

The New York Times, “Is Valeant Pharmaceuticals the Next Enron?Oct. 27, 2015

Financial Times, “Saluting the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation (and also a certain hedge fund blogger . . .),” Oct. 21 2015

University of North Carolina associate professor Andy Bechtel’s The Editor’s Desk, Thoughts on editing for print and digital media, “Q&A with Roddy Boyd of the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation,” Feb. 4, 2015

Columbia Journalism Review, “Roddy Boyd finds alleged Ponzi schemer: High-wire reporting on a hedge fund gone awry,” Jan. 23, 2014

Columbia Journalism Review, “Roddy Boyd exposes a hedge-fund fraud: A scam for the social-media age,” July 18, 2013

New York magazine,“Is This the Worst Ponzi Scheme Ever?” July 15, 2013

American Journalism Review, “Short on Ethics?” September 2010

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