Tinkerer, Lawyer, Hustler, Lies: One Man’s Path to a Dope Fortune

In the spring of 2010, exasperated police detectives from all over Los Angeles began phoning the county’s consumer affairs department to complain that an outfit calling itself the Active Lawyers Referral Service had misled its working-class customers from 2005 to 2008 by referring them to a law firm that billed them for work — but never finished the job.

The Man Behind the Marijuana Boxes

Shannon Illingworth is the founder and chief executive of AVT Inc., a Corona, Calif.-based maker of automated dispensing machines that manufactures the pot-vending units for Medbox. In November 2011 Vincent Mehdizadeh bought from Illingworth 50 percent of the broken-down shell of MindfulEye Inc. — and in August 2012 the other half — and renamed the company Medbox.