The Man Behind the Marijuana Boxes

Shannon Illingworth is the founder and chief executive of AVT Inc., a Corona, Calif.-based maker of automated dispensing machines that manufactures the pot-vending units for Medbox. In November 2011 Vincent Mehdizadeh bought from Illingworth 50 percent of the broken-down shell of MindfulEye Inc. — and in August 2012 the other half — and renamed the company Medbox.

The Penny Stock Lawyer

For anyone in need of a lawyer in Southern California who understands the needs of a company that may exist largely on paper (and may never materialize), Phillip Koehnke is the person to see.

Northern Exposure

Though Edper became many things over the years of its operation from the late 1960s to the mid-1990s, it began as a sleepy holding company for the shareholdings of its two original owners, Edward and Peter Bronfman, the scions of the Seagram’s liquor fortune. Despite losing 90 percent of its market capitalization from 1989 to 1993, Edper survived. After a series of asset transfers, a newer, more streamlined company surfaced in 2005. The company, based in Toronto’s tony Brookfield Plaza, was renamed Brookfield Asset Management.